We are strongly dedicated to design, and to create and develop furniture products with a character. Based on the Nordic design tradition we develop lifestyle products for everyone who loves design and quality. We consider every detail in each product and handle all materials with care, because it means the defining difference in relation to the value and character of the end product.

We take part in the whole process, from the first playful thoughts to the technical part in the process and all the way to the final product.

With more than 50 years of knowhow in the furniture industri we are still innovative and our furniture collections reflects our DNA. Our ambition is to establish and develop honestly and longlasting products.

Sustainable accountability

At Storage and Shelves, we take responsibility for nature and our environmental responsibility. That is why we use FSC-certified paper and wood when we design and produce furniture.

We use wood and paper from FSC Certified forests.

FSC is your guarantee for responsible forest management, which means that trees are not harvested faster than the forest can reproduce. Animals, plants and the local people who work in the forest have proper working conditions.


We want to create more value for our consumers and together move to a more sustainable world, where we must jointly help to take responsibility for our consumption and behavior.

FSC label follows the wood’s journey from growing up in the forest until they are cut up at the sawmill and further on to production. Finally, the wood ends up at the consumer’s home, as a finished product.

FSC gron